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GoDaddy Web Hosting Coupons and 3 Ways To Grow Your Savings Passively.

Everyone is looking for ways to save money these days. What’s really cool is that there are some simple and easy ways to reduce your expenses without even trying.

How GoDaddy Coupon Codes Helped Us.

To put this into practice, we brainstormed ways that we could cut expenses on our website’s expenses. You know what the number one expense was? Web hosting and domain name related costs. We found some relevant godaddy coupon codes for hosting from, and they helped us to cut 40% off our dedicated hosting package. We also found some godaddy renewal coupons for domain registrations, which saved us 15% off our annual renewal. And just like that, our company website now has a massively-reduced expense. 

There are many options to cut cost in things like daily living expenses, monthly bills, and even insurance premiums and mortgage rates. Cutting these costs can lessen your financial burden, but it can still be hard to save money for a rainy day. Here are three ways to grow your savings account without really trying.

Always break a dollar.

Whenever you pay with something using cash, always take the change. It can be tempting to dig a nickel out of your purse to avoid getting ninety-five cents back, but don’t do it. Take that coin home and place it in a piggy bank or jar. At the end of each month take that coin to the bank and deposit it into your savings account.

Skip the latte.

If you stop for coffee each morning on your way to work you are probably spending up to $25 a week on coffee. If you haven’t cut this out of your expenses already, but still need your morning coffee run, then just cut out one day a week. Each morning take what you would have spent on your morning joe and place it in an envelope. Take this to the bank and add it to your coin deposit. After doing this for a few weeks you may find that you can give up a few days a week and add more to your cash.

Double dip the coupons.

If you are serious about saving money then you are probably clipping coupons. Even if coupons are not your thing you should at least be using the store loyalty card. The loyalty card alone can save money with in store specials. No matter how extreme you are with your couponing be sure to look at your receipt. Your total savings will be listed at the bottom and some supermarkets will even circle the savings for you. Now take that amount and transfer it from your checking to your savings account or place the cash in your coffee envelope for deposit at the end of the month.

These three ideas will not fill your savings account with six figures, but the small amounts will quickly add up. This is a great way to get spending money for your next vacation, buy that special item you wanted, or better yet build a little rainy day fund. Just remember to keep depositing money and resist the temptation to take it out.

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