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Use Vouchers at GameGlade for Big Discounts!

If you’ve been looking for fun and family-friendly computer games then you may have stumbled across GameGlade at some point. While they don’t have the largest selection of titles, the fact that they have just a few really shows the care that goes into each one. None of them are expensive on their own, but you can still use vouchers to save up to 50%! We’ll go over how to redeem vouchers, as well as a brief overview of the company and their best games today.

How to Redeem Vouchers at GameGlade

Redeeming a voucher with GameGlade is a little different than other stores and companies. Normally on the checkout form there will be an input box where you can paste your voucher code for a discount. However voucher discounts for GameGlade are applied via special links rather than pasting in a code. To get one of these links you will need to do a search for ‘GameGlade voucher’, or you can sometimes find them on eBay. Once you find a GameGlade voucher link all you will need to do is click on it and it will automatically take you to a checkout page with the discounted pricing. Then all you need to do is enter your payment information and it will take you to where you can download the game!

If you visit the website you will notice that there are free downloads available for all of the games as well. Please note that this will be a limited version of the game (so not all of the levels) and it will include a lot of advertising to help GameGlade support themselves. If you are on a tight budget but still want to play the game this is a good option as well, but the vouchers really make the games affordable and you get the whole thing with no advertisements.

use vouchers when purchasing GameGlade titles

What is GameGlade?

GameGlade is a small independent game development company. They have a focus on family-friendly puzzle games with beautiful artwork and music. The games are a wonderful sensory experience, and you can sharpen your mind by solving their many puzzles. Not much is known about who runs the company, but we do know that it was started in 2003. They do have a support team which can be reached via a Gmail address. An interesting fact about GameGlade is that you used to be able to play all of their games online without having to download them. However support for Adobe Flash dwindled once Apple decided not to support it on their devices, so most internet browsers can’t run the games anymore. They are still there though, if you have one that will run Flash.

Best GameGlade Titles?

As I previously mentioned, all of the GameGlade titles are various forms of puzzle games with gorgeous graphics and sound design. They have a few series of titles with multiple entries as well as one-off titles including:

  • Ancient Jewels
  • Blow Up!
  • Triple Rotate
  • Dream Fruit Farm
  • Paris Jewelry Shop
  • Funny Pets

The Ancient Jewels series is by far the most popular with 4 different entries: Ancient Jewels, Mysteries of Persia, Cleopatra’s Treasures, and Babylon. If you aren’t sure where to start with GameGlade titles I would suggest one of these. They have a couple of sampler packs as well where you can buy some titles together for a reduced price:

  • 2 Games:Ancient Jewels & Mysteries of Persia
  • 3 Games:Ancient Jewels, Mysteries of Persia, & Cleopatra’s Treasures
  • 2 Games:Dream Fruit Farm & Paris Jewelry Store

These sampler packs might also be a great option if you aren’t sure what games to try as you will be able to get 2-3 for less. And don’t forget your vouchers!

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