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MicroInvesting and Promo Codes: Savings Strategies For Grown-Ups.

If you and your family aren’t making lots of money, but enough to get by, there are several savings and investing strategies that you can use to build up your savings safely and effectively.

Coupon Code Websites are Like Free Money.

We purchase things all the time: toys, food, clothes, and all of that adds up at the end of the year. The best way to make sure you have more money at the end of the year? Spend a little bit of time hunting for coupons for your major purchases. If you own a website, try searching for bluehost coupons for your website’s hosting plan. If GoDaddy is your host of choice, then this site has valid discounts.

MicroInvesting: A Piggy Bank for Grown-Ups that Pays Off Big Time

Do you remember the satisfying clink of depositing a quarter into your piggy bank when you were a kid? Or that exciting moment when you smashed open the bank to access the money and buy your prize? Investing is sort of the adult version of a piggy bank, but it takes so much money — a minimum of $1000 as a rule – and can be risky if you don’t have knowledge and experience in how the market works. This makes it nearly impossible for the people who need to invest the most to take advantage of investing.

MicroInvesting is an accessible variation on the investment portfolio meant for the average person. The idea is that you deposit a very small amount of money – often less than $1 at a time – into a portfolio with other people who do the same. With each purchase, you buy a fraction of a share, and over time, you acquire more and more.

Acorns, for instance, is a MicroInvesting mobile app that rounds up purchases made from your debit card. It then deposits those round-ups into an investment portfolio. To further encourage participation, they have a program called “Found Money” in which retailers match a percentage of each deposit, essentially giving the investor free money. According to their app, Acorns users save an average of $30 a month without even thinking about it, which because of the power of compound interest, is worth approximately $56,000 after 40 years, at least according to their estimates.

MicroInvesting is an easy and effortless way for the average person to start saving for the future, even if they have no experience with investing and little resources. Why not start your own investment account today!

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