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Use Cheapoair Coupons To Vacation for Just $5/Week!

How to Go On Vacation For $5 a Week

Going on vacation is a wonderful way to escape from the daily grind, if only for a little while. It can be fun to see all your friends’ vacation pictures, but what about your own? If a vacation seems out of reach for you financially, but you’re not destitute and have enough to buy a few little extras now and again, you can go on vacation. A little forward planning and help from automatic banking can take you where you want to go.

First Step: Use Cheapoair Promo Codes

We can’t believe we’ve never used this site before for budget travel. Cheapoair is the drop-dead discount online travel booking site. On top of that you can save more if you use cheapoair coupons from It adds up to incredibly cheap tours, flights, and hotels. They don’t work with short term vacation rental sites like VRBO or Homeaway, however, which is a shame.

Start Saving For Your Trip Today!

If you have enough money to live on, but you never have enough for a larger purchase like a holiday, you must start saving today. Open an online savings account, preferably one with penalties if you withdraw money from a bank machine. If you make it a little bit more difficult to access your savings, you are less likely to spend it and more likely to leave it alone to gain interest. Label your account something like “do not spend”…

Set Up Automatic Deposits

Set up an automatic deposit for this account. If your bank puts $5 in your vacation fund every week, you can’t spend that money on anything else. Your bank will be saving your money for you, even when you’re not paying attention. Five dollars doesn’t sound like much, but that’s exactly the point. You can’t go on vacation for $5, but if you put away $5 a week for one year, you will have $260, plus whatever your account has gained in interest. $6 a week will net you $312 in one year. The sooner you set up your automatic savings, the sooner you will reach your target goal.

If you take what the automatic savings is putting in your account and make a point of adding a little bit more when you can, your vacation fund will grow even faster than you expect. Every time you use your online banking to pay a bill, round your total up to the nearest 5 and put the rest in your holiday fund. For example, if you pay a bill and your account balance is $617.52, put $2.52 in your savings account and watch your money grow.

$5 a week is not very much money, but if you put that $5 in a savings account and leave it alone, it will grow your savings into a sizeable sum which you can use to take yourself on vacation. This is a tried and tested saving strategy that will work for any major purchase. Use your $5 a week and join your friends in posting awesome vacation photos, and if they ask how you managed to come up with the money for such a great trip, you can say it only cost you $5 a week.

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