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We started DADA IMC in 2002 with the mission to became a daily deal website that gives customers phone calls whenever companies that the customer is interested in is having a sale. It started out as a robo-call, but turned into real-live workers calling our customers once we got our offices in Duluth, Minnesota.

We began issuing faxes to our subscribers, and then moved into alerts on people’s beepers. Our biggest success came when we explored texting people whenever merchants had sales on. We achieved moderate success, even gaining a profile in Harvard Business Review.

Our New Vision:

Obviously, times have changed. While consumers are definitely interested in deals and discounts being delivered to them, we didn’t anticipate the success of companies like Groupon, who utilized smartphones and mobile devices in ingenious ways to grow their customer base.

We moved out of the text-deal business in 2009, but we are absolutely focused on bringing coupons and deals to our customers.

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